Born In Kiev And Died In A War

From somewhere deep inside me, the shadows emerge



Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

the books scattered so carelessly on my bed
with all the care and respect, you are picking them
the songs which are sung on a wedding night
in somewhat hushed tones, you are humming them

from somewhere deep inside me, the shadows emerge

so charming were those moments, so lovely were those days
so alluring were those songs, so mesmerising were those plays

each glittering street in the city, an island of dreams it was
those walks in the morning breeze, a never-ending music it was

and then suddenly, throughout the lands, the cannons started echoing
laden heavily with the burning smell, the threatening winds started blowing

over the smiling face of our earth, a dark cloud of doom it proved to be
a frightening jungle each city became, a sight of horror each town was to be

from the so called civilised countries, a few soldiers in uniform arrived
quick with stride, with pride they walked, drunk in arrogance they arrived

into the chest of our silent meek earth, the poles and the camps got nailed
on the ever so smooth silky roads of ours, the spikes of steely boots got impaled

amid the sounds of marching battalions, the noise of our factories got died down
drowned in the smouldering dust of tanks, the flowers in our parks got dried down

the prices of daily goods kept on increasing and the value of life itself got delisted
schools and offices were made to shut down and everyone was told to get enlisted

the lads and the lasses of the city, donned in military outfits they started leaving
the path from which only a few have returned, on that path they started leaving

with those out-marching green troops, gone was our honour and our youth too
gone were the sons of so many mothers and daughters of so many fathers too