No future I can see in me

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no hope i can see for me
no future i can see in me

there is a day when death will arrive
then why the nights are sleepless for me

earlier i could laugh at myself
now there is no laughter left in me

the blessings from obeisance i am aware of
but that is something not made for me

there is a reason for why i am so silent
otherwise what words i don’t have in me

yes i miss you
i will scream it aloud if you can’t hear me

the wounds of this heart if you can’t…

A good looking face it was

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the good old time it was
a good looking face it was
not some such beauty flawless
nor some common looking lass

not that the galaxy revolved around her
but the journey felt so good around her

whatever the seasons be
a pleasant breeze she was
the shade in summers she was
the sunshine in winters she was

not far for long she used to be
nor along everyday she used to be
not so demanding in relationships
nor free with everyone she used to be

not such opulence
that humility dies away
nor such frankness
that the mirror shies…

I have got it all in my poetry

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things i want to say, i say them in my poetry
joys and sorrows, i have got it all in my poetry

the questions i ask myself, the answers i have in me
there is some answer i keep searching in my poetry

past has been written, no way to delete it now
on a wrist, the line that got etched is my poetry

what you deserve here and what you get here
nobody cares here, so carefree is my poetry

somewhere in me, a child still lives in me
a world of fairies and witches is my poetry

to come and to go, it is the nature of nature
a sliver of moon in dark nights is my poetry

the highs and the lows of life, whenever it is
ready for a trip to the mountains is my poetry

It kept us warm the whole night

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

The cold winds kept on blowing the whole night
and the fireplace, it kept us warm the whole night

a few dried branches, I plucked them from the past
you also had some withered leaves of moments bygone
i emptied my pockets and found some dried off poems
you too opened up some parched faded letters of yours
with these eyes of mine, I drew out the many old thorns
and threw off the many stale lines from my hands
the moisture in eyes that had dried off, you dropped it
whatever we could find on our restless bodies the whole night
we chopped it off and threw…

Oh my love, meet me somewhere else

Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash

taj might be the epitome of love for you
it might be the world to swear by for you

but my love, meet me somewhere else
all this splendour, what will a poor do with that
the path that bears the footprints of the riches
how can the souls dressed in love walk on that

my love, beneath this veiled advertisement of love
imprints of oppressed lives you should have seen
enchanted with tombs of dead kings and queens
the dimly lit homes of ours you should have seen

so many people in the world had been in love
who says…

कि जैसे दिल में बसी है बेबसी

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

दिल भी कितना बेबस है कि जैसे दिल में बसी है बेबसी
दिल को बस में खूब किया बस बस में ही नहीं ये बेबसी

ले आओ बोतल ले आओ गिलास वो यादों भरा लिबास
वही दिन और फिर वही रात ये बेबस आदतों की बेबसी

ये बाप का मुरझाता शरीर ये माँ की आहें दर्द भरीं
ज़िन्दगी को मौत की शह वक़्त के आगे रोती बेबसी

दाल में कंकड़ क्या मिला दोस्त की खाल में भेड़िया
आँसू भी अब पानी लगें शक भरी नज़रों की ये बेबसी

जो है उसमे चैन कहाँ कम पड़ गए ज़मीन-ओ-आसमाँ
रोटी से सस्ती है…

Was just how it has been

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

the reason for how i am, was just how it has been
squandering didn’t cost me anything, a life of squandering it has been

leaving from your room, i had just come to mine
someone has seen it, a talk of the town it has been

separated from you oh dear, was it just fun for me
it was that in your absence, a lot of drinking it has been

in the wait for you, and for the opulence in me
bad the condition was, made worse it has been

your pampered imposing eyes used to ask me
to please spend…

Gradually eventually everything comes

Photo by Cathy Mü on Unsplash

stones and gravels, a mosque it is
a rooster crows as if deaf the god is

speak such words, as to soothe the pain in you
so that it calms others so that it calms you

musk within the navel, deer searches it in the wild
the same way is the god, the whole world is so blind

just like a date palm, useless are heights one climbs to
no shade for the traveller, the fruits are so far too

what you do tomorrow, do it today, better do it now then
the end will come any moment, when will you…


a compulsive traveler

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